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“I love Nature. I love soil and the scent of vineyards. I love the challenges of each new vintage. I will be really happy if we make the best of what nature offers and turn it into a great wine!”
Krzysztof Trylinski


Krzysztof Trylinski is the president of Belvedere multinational company, situated in France with subsidiaries worldwide and annual revenues of more than 70 million bottles. The company owns wineries in Stara Zagora (Domain Menada), Sakar, cellar in the village Oryahovitsa and Katarzyna Estate that develop today

Katarzyna Estate became reality in 2006, after the personal investment of over 12 million  EUR of Trylinski and his great desire and love for wine.
Katarzyna Estate is located in one of the most gracious areas for growing grapes in Bulgaria and Europe.
The winery is situated in the southern part of Bulgaria, 2 km from the village Mezek and about 7 km from Svilengrad, in the foothills of the Eastern Rhodopes.

The area is hilly, very picturesque and charming yet wild. The hills and valleys rise typical for the region Lombardy poplar, oak and hornbeam and Maritsa River valley is covered with thick willow forests. The earth is sandy, rocky and poor, so the main crops in the region are sesame, tobacco, cotton, almonds, peaches, apricots and grapes. In various parts of the manor soil lesivirani cinnamon forest (Chromic luvisol), leached cinnamon forest (Eutric cambisol) and rendzinas (Rendzina).

The climate is temperate with a strong Mediterranean influence. The summer is hot and dry, and the winter - warm and rainy. Katarzyna Estate is located in the region where the sun shines for the longest period and during the growing season temperature sum reaches 4000 °C. Prevailing northwestern and northeaster wind. The south wind is hated by growers, especially in August, because dried grapes, this is rare.

Katarzyna Estate's vineyards are located in the picturesque area around the White earth cellar area of ​​300 hectares. It was planted in 2004 after a careful study of soil and climatic characteristics of the individual plots. The winery owns 1,000 acres vineyard in the village of Belica, planted in 2006 and 1500 acres in the village of Lozen, also planted in 2006.

The ratio between red and white varieties is 70:30. The reds are Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah, Cabernet Franc, Malbec, Tempranillo, Carmenere and Mavrud. The whites are Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, Semillon, Viognier, Muscat Ottone and Traminer.

The density of planting vines in the 413 acre, the width of rows and 2.20 m 1.10 m between the vines. Formations is a Double-arm cordon and Guillon. Since 2009 100% of the vineyards are in Fruiting.

We keep applying the most advanced viticultural practices for maximizing the quality of the grapes - green pruning, stabbing and tying shoots, removal of the foliage and green vintage.

Katarzyna Estate wines are produced by classical technology with mainly manual labor which is important for quality. We test the harvest to be sure that the sugar content, titratable acids and phenolic ripeness of the grapes in individual plots are in condition. We also keep accurate logs for the results to build the database, which allows evaluating the real potential of the terroir. We use classical way of winemaking. The grapes are hand picked in their optimal ripeness. We use only healthy, carefully selected grains. The fermentation takes place in stainless steel tanks and 400l French oak barrels.

The wines grow old in barrels. We keep track for the quality changes due to the contact between the wine and the oak. We experiment with different types of oak from different regions, with different level of toasting.  After bottling the wines additionally age in subterranean tunnel with constant temperature 14 C and humidity 75%.

Wines of Katarzyna


Mezzek White Brand

Mezzek Chardonnay - Yellow color with greenish hue. Aroma is citrus with light shades of melon, peach and elegant oak. Pleasant taste with a sense of softness wrapped with harmonious freshness
Mezzek Sauvignon Blanc & Pinot Gris - Intense yellow-green color. Elegant aromas of tropical fruit, grassy notes, citrus and light mineral. Volume, soft and rich flavor with a pleasant freshness.
Mezzek Rose - Beautiful light pink color. Harmonious aroma of red berries. Balanced and fresh taste with a subtle aftertaste.

Mezzek Red wines

Mezzek Merlot - Deep ruby ​​color. Ripe red fruits combined with subtle and elegant French oak. Balanced and harmonious body, with soft tannins. Easy consumption of wine with a pleasant aftertaste.
Mezzek Cabernet - The wine has a lovely deep red color and distinctive aromas of ripe berries, spices and smoke. The taste is well balanced with a long soft finish.
Mezzek Cabernet Sauvignon & Mavrud - This wine is a blend between traditional Bulgarian variety Mavrud and Cabernet Sauvignon is rich and juicy. There is an excellent balance between fruit, tannins and acidity. Long and elegant finish
Mezzek Syrah - Bright purple color with violet hues. Rich, dense aromas of tobacco, hints of violets, ripe red and black fruit and well integrated oak. Rich, full body, velvety and long memorable finish with soft tannins. The wine has great flavor very good balance of flavors.

Junior – Merlot & Tempranillo

Junior is an impressive product that will grab you with  interesting character. Extremely ripe and concentrated nose, combined in himself ripe cherry, blueberry and plum. The taste is balanced, combining very good softness. The length and aromas are impressive for a young wine.


The word contemplation has several meanings, indicating the process of thinking, anticipating, expecting, gazing at something. Each of our labels tells different story, sometimes in rhyme or in prose, but always on subject that provoke you to contemplate about.
Contemplations Chardonnay - Fresh, yellow color. The aroma is exceptionally harmonious, combining shades of ripe citrus fruits and tinges of oak wood. The wine is mild,  with pleasant freshness and an impressive aromas. Balanced and harmonious, Contemplations Chardonnay carries the new style in the production of white wines.
Contemplations Sauvignon Blanc - Fresh, yellow color. The aroma is exceptionally harmonious, combining shades of ripe citrus fruits and tinges of oak wood. The wine is mild,  with pleasant freshness and an impressive aromas. Balanced and harmonious.
Contemplations Merlot & Malbec - Deep, dark ruby color with cherry tinge. The wine possesses an intricate bouquet of earthy scents, black forest fruits, pepper and dominating noble tinge of tobacco, which contribute to its explosive nose. 


Halla was the secret name of the military point at the South–East border between Bulgaria and Greece in the past socialist time. Now it is part of the beautiful Katarzyna Estate vineyards.
Halla Chardonnay&Pinot Gris - Fresh, yellow color. The aroma is exceptionally harmonious, combining shades of ripe citrus fruits and tinges of oak wood. The wine is mild,  with pleasant freshness and an impressive aromas. Balanced and harmonious, Halla 2010 carries the new style in the production of white wines.
Hall Merlot - Merlot possesses deep, crimson color with garnet gleams. A very good combination of plum flavour, black forest fruits, eucalyptus and oak. The soft tannins, combined with the well balanced fruit acids, concentrated fruit and suit vanilla aromas, contribute to the nice and long aftertaste .


Twins might be identical or not. Our young twin viticulturists and twin oenologists are not. Each of them adding a point of difference in their mutual work yet keeping the major values of respect and admiration for the wine. Each one of them selected their favorite CS lot and both blended them together to bring these values into the bottle of Twins CS&CS.
Twins – Chardonnay& Chardonnay – Fresh yellow color. The aroma is exceptionally harmonious, combining shades of ripe tropical fruits and tinges of old oak wood.
Twins –Cabernet Sauvignon& Cabernet Sauvignon –
The wine possesses deep, crimson color with garnet
gleams. A very good combination of plum flavours and black forest fruits. The powerful tannins andsweet oak in the combination of pepper tinges and savoury spices form the round body of the wine, the excellent balance and the pleasant and remembering final.

Les Cailloux

Exceptionally mild, full body, with chocolate, mocca and ripe fruits, long and impressive finish.


Do you know Smarayda? It is the faithful wife of banker Atanas Burov, for which he wrote "I think for Bulgaria, dream about you. She is also the unknown with emerald eyes who I saw yesterday in the park and for a minute that I fell in love. Today Katarzyna provoke a mysterious wine Smaraida, carrying the scent of spring freshness and taste of the coming summer. Nasitenozhalt color with greenish hue. Elegant and concentrated nose with accents of citrus, yellow fruits, lily of the valley and grassy notes. Well balanced and rich flavor with a round body, good length and fine freshness endings.


The charm of Der Traminer is due to the traditional approach, Katarzyna Estate used in its creation - the processing of fruit vine grapes in bunches, grain by grain. So the tradition preserved by 1670 in the Austro-Hungarian town Tramin, makes this wine a pleasure and delight of seeking spirit. Deep yellow with green shade. Harmonious and delicate nose with hints of rose and roses, honey and vanilla. The taste is elegant, subtle, with very good size, nice length and freshness. Impressive aromas and aftertaste.

Le Carre D’or – Malbec

Rich, deep ruby color. Concentrated and harmonious flavor, intense scent of  ripe fruit, spices and vanilla. Rich, full body, with very good balance between tannins, acidity and sweetness. Long and pleasant aftertaste.

Seven Grapes

7 Grape varieties Cabernet Sauvignon& Merlot & Syrah & Malbec & Tempranillo & Mavrud & Cabernet Franc. Exceptionally mild, full body, with chocolate, mocca and ripe fruits, long and impressive finish.


Flowers are beautiful beginning of each line in the vineyards of Katarzyna Estate. They are beautiful and an inspiration to blame Les Fleurs - adorable and charming as a bouquet of freshness, a gift from a loved one. Extremely dense yellow with fresh green hues. Concentrated ripe nose combines yellow fruit, fresh flowers, vanilla, nuts, toasted bread and elegantly integrated French oak. Thick, voluminous and soft body with impressive length and a pleasant freshness. Sense of taste of nuts, mineral character and unforgettable aromas.

Les Amandiers

Each wine is associated with the ground. She gave him the foundation on which the vines and then technologists can develop full of charm and uniqueness of the wine. Les Amandiers of land and gives the name coded in the past and almond grove on which the vineyard today

Les Nuits Blanches - Cabernet Franc & Syrah

Alluring light rose color with just a hint of gray tinge in it. Forest fruits vanilla and spices on the nose, perfectly balanced taste and lingering fruit accents in the mouth complete the overall impression. Fresh and harmonious the wine finishes with a pleasant aftertaste dominated by tropical and citrus fruits.

Le Rose

The trip " Le Rose" by Katarzyna starts from the warm south of Bulgaria, from the carefully created estate's vineyards, stops for a while in a sweaty glass with rose frehness,astringency and a pinch of surprise and set off for unknown sensations with Provencal herd's savor and  sea azure.
Light rose color with onion nuances. Delicate fruity aroma,with citrus hints. Pleasant and unforgettable taste with excellent fresheness and extraordinary aromas.


This wine is designed to wake emotions, thoughts and hopes. Wear and adventurous spirit seeking and striving for more wins.
Encore Syrah 2009 e evaluated with 84 points on the site of Robert Parker - Wine Advocate.

Encore Syrah 2009 Katarzyna Estate ranked among the best wines in the world with a gold medal at the prestigeous exhibition Syrah du Monde in the French city Ampyui in the summer of 2010. Tastings of 387 wines participated from 27 countries


Deep purple color with gloss. Generous and multi-layered nose with hints of black fruit (blackberry, plum), pepper, cedar and tobacco. The body is powerful, the taste is full-bodied, impressively balanced, soft and juicy, with a feeling of ripe fruit, dark chocolate and caramel. The tannins are caressing, and the final is a long, smooth and elegant.


Deep purple color with garnet highlights. Rich, concentrated aromas of ripe black berries, pepper, moss, earthy tone and classy French oak. Powerful, rich, juicy body with a velvety dark chocolate and mocha. Very nice finish, with soft tannins and harmonious.

Wine with exceptional taste, combining power and elegance that has great potential for aging in bottle.


This is a wine, appreciated at the record 90 points for Bulgaria from the wine expert Robert Parker. It is a product of the oldest vineyards in Katarzyna Estate, planted in 2004, 60/40 blend of cabernet sauvignon and merlot. Aged in barrels for 24 months.
Reserve 2007 is a brilliant and deep garnet color. The nose is medium intense, elegant and attractive, multi-layered, with the appearance of ripe red fruits, sweet spices, dark chocolate, eucalyptus and smoke.




Katarzyna Estate has got more than 100  awards from various competitions. Some of them are gold and silver medals from MUNDUS VINI, Chardonnay du Monde, SFO International Wine Challenge, Syrah Du Monde


International rewards 2011:

Robert Parker Rating

90 points – Katarzyna Reserve, 2007
89 points – Katarzyna Reserve, 2008
88 points – Question Mark Gold, Cabernet Sauvignon & Merlot, 2008
88 points – Question Mark, Cabernet Sauvignon & Merlot, 2009
84 points – Encore, Syrah, 2009
83 points– Les Amandiers, Chardonnay & Sauvignon Blanc, 2009

International Wine Guide, Spania 2011

Gold medal – Katarzyna Reserve, 2008
Gold medal – Question Mark Golg, Cabernet Sauvignon & Merlot, 2008
Silver medal – Question Mark, 2009
Silver medal – Encore, Syrah, 2009
Silver medal – Contemplations, Chardonnay, 2009
Silver medal – Contemplations, Merlot & Malbec, 2009
Bronze medal – Mezzek, Cabernet Sauvignon & Mavrud, 2009

Vinalies International Paris 2011

Gold medal – Encore, Syrah, 2009
Gold medal – Question Mark, Cabernet Sauvignon & Merlot, 2009

Chardonnay du Monde 2011

Bronze medal – Les Fleurs, Chardonnay, 2009

China Wine Awards  2012

Gold Medal for Question Mark, 2010
Silver Medal for Encore Syrah, 2010

Vinalies Internationales  2012

Gold Medal for Question Mark, 2010
Silver Medal for Encore Syrah, 2010

Chardonnay Du Monde 2012

Bronze medal for Les Fleurs, 2010

Robert Parker 2012:

1.QM Gold 2009 - 89 points
2.QM Gold 2008 - 88 points.
3.Reserve 2008 - 91 points
4.Reserve 2009 - 91 points
5.QM 2010 - 86 points
6.Encore Syrah2010 - 85 points



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