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M&M – Leader In Transport Services

20 Million Euro Invested in Bulgaria In 20 Years

M&M Militzer and Munch BG Ltd – a Full Package of Transport, Logistics and Customs Services

M&M Militzer and Munch was founded in 1880 in Hof, Germany. In 125 years it developed from a small family enterprise to a multinational company, leader in transportation and logistics with over 130 brances in 35 countries and more than 2 500 highly qualified staff in Europe, Asia and Africa.

The average  anual turnover of the company exceeds 450 million euro. Is possesses more than 160 000 sq.m. warehose space and over 1200 transport entities.

Today M&M is a part of the structure of TransInvest Group, Switzerland which comprises 270 independent companies with over 6000 staff and about 6 billion euro anual turnover. The company's basic activities are transportation, logistics, properties, finance and financial consultations.

In 1991 M&M registered a branch company in Bulgaria which was the first foreign investor in transportation sector. Now the two branch companies of M&M Group, respectively Trans Invest Group in Bulgaria are M&M Militzer and Munch BG Ltd. and M&M Air Cargo Service Bulgaria Ltd.

They represent the biggest transportation and logistics group in the country with branch  offices in Sofia, Pleven, Bourgas, Plovdiv, Ruse, Varna, Vratza, Kapitan Andreevo, Vrashka Chuka, Bregovo, Svishtov, Lom, Vidin, Gorna Oryahovitza, Kazanluk, Haskovo, Orjahovo etc.

With total investments of over 20 million Euro in two decades M&M has become one of the most serious investors in transportation and logistics in Bulgaria. M&M Group has got in the country more than 22 000 sq. m. logistic terminals and over 250 highly qualified staff.

According to the statistics of BNFA /Bulgarian National Forwarders Association/ in recent years M&M has unalternably been the biggest provider of transport-and-logistics services      in the country.

M&M Militzer and Munch BG Ltd. provides:



* sea freight services
* rail transports
* groupage cargo and full truck loads
* container services transit and combined transports
* freight collection possible
* warehouse and distribution services
* import and export customs clearance

Logistic Services

* consignments movement monitoring
* customs brokerage
* transports by full-load and refrigerator trucks
* door-to-door delivery
* domestic transports
* creating, optimising and managing
supply chains
* distribution networks
* warehouse management
* co-ordination of subcontractors

Groupage Cargo Services (LTL)

* scheduled services to/from Germany, Austria, the UK, Ireland, France, Italy, Spain,
Portugal, Switzerland, Benelux, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland, Macedonia, Turkey,
Greece, Czech Republic, Slovak Republic, Romania

Full Truck Transport

* to/from Europe, C.I.S. States, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Turkey, Greece,
Middle East countries
* route tracking, dispatch and arrival information
* cargo security
* direct shipments (door-to-door)
* own trailers and SBs (swap bodies)
* dangerous goods transportation

Rail Freights & Combined Transports

* to/from Central and Western Europe, Balkan countries, C.I.S. States
* domestic transports and wagon tracing
* wagons movement monitoring
* oversize cargoes, food stuffs, chemicals in tanks
* excise goods transports
* direct agreements with railways and ferry lines
* cargo insurance
* total rail freight for year 2012: 964 325 tons

Sea Freight and Container Services

* container shipping FCL/FCL
* groupage container LCL/LCL
* transports by refer
and tank containers
* project cargoes
* customs brokerage
* consignments movement
* door-to-door delivery
* private and diplomatic luggage
* exhibition equipment and materials
* excise goods transport

Customs Brokerage

* licensed customs agent
* customs bond (bank guarantees) for transit excise goods: BGN 6 Million
* customs-bonded warehousing: BGN 2 Million
* tax warehouse (for excise goods): BGN 6 Million
* customs and economic regimes
* commercial and transport documentation
* customs law and regulations consulting

Insurance & Brokerage

* marine cargo insurance – International London institute cargo clauses
- institute cargo clauses /A/
- institute cargo clauses /B/
- institute cargo clauses /C/
* transport insurance – carrier’s liability as per CMR convention and local
transport legislation laws
* storage cargo insurance
* forwarder’s liability insurance.


* Warehouses – total covered area: 19 500 m2:
Sofia: 17.700 m2,
Varna: 550 m2,
Plovdiv: 250 m2,
Bourgas: 750 m2,
Gorna Oryahovitza: 250 m2
* customs-bonded warehouses
* temporary customs-bonded warehousing and
customs-bonded warehousing Type A
* warehousing for industrial goods, food stuffs,
pharmaceuticals, dangerous goods and textiles
* computerised customs and warehouse records
* high security
- armed guards 7/24
- digital CCTV
- fire-alarm system
- access-control system





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