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Bessa Valley Winery – 12 Years of Harmony

Wines from grapes, grown on the vineyards and vintage blends

Perfect terroir for Merlot (53%), Syrah (25%), Petit Verdot (12%), and Cabernet Sauvignon (10%). Capacity of 800,000 bottles per year.

The Valley of the Bessi

* Since ancient times Bulgaria has been famous for its winemaking and viniculture. It is known for sure that viticulture exists on Bulgarian lands since 4000 BC
* The Valley was inhabited by the ancient Thracian tribe Bessi – fierce warriors and skilled priests to Dionysus

The Beginning

* Started 2001, region selected after lots of researches and special detailed analysis of the soil
* A plantation density of 5,000 vines per hectare and a maximum yield of 50 hl/ha are the main ways of controlling production and harvesting top-quality grapes

The Key People

Count Stephan von Neipperg
Born on June 28, 1957 in Schwaigern, Germany.
Graduate in business, economics and politics from IEP and ESSEC Paris, but also in viticulture and oenology from ENSAM Montpellier. He owns six estates in the area of Bordeaux i.e. Château Canon La Gaffelière (Saint-Emilion Grand Cru Classé), La Mondotte (Saint-Emilion, Clos de l'Oratoire (Saint-Emilion Grand Cru Classé), Château Peyreau (Saint-Emilion Grand Cru), Château d'Aiguilhe (Côtes de castillon), and Clos Marsalette (Pessac-Léognan).
The Neipperg family has been involved in vine-growing and wine making for around 800 years

Dr. Karl Heinz Hauptmann
Born on August 11, 1960 in Gelnhausen, Germany.
Karl has Dimplom - Kaufmann from the Univericty in Berlin and Doctorate in International Economics. He is founder  of Telor International – a Private Equity and Investment Management Company active in Central & Eastern Europe. Karl was Managing Director with Merrill Lynch London and Vice-President with Bankers Trust International London

Marc Dworkin

Wine maker of Bessa Valley Winery
Born on February 6, 1961 in Paris, France.
Graduate in biochemistry from the Paris XI University, and then in oenology from the University of Bordeaux. He has  20 years experience as winemaker and worked for famous French vineyards such as Château Clarke, Côtes Montpezat, Château Larmande and Château Bellefont-Belcier. Marc arrived in 2000 in Bulgaria and has been with Bessa Valley ever since

The Winery

* 266 ha, of which 135ha are already planted with Merlot (53%), Syrah (25%), Petit Verdot (12%), and Cabernet Sauvignon (10%)
* Perfect terroir – hot summers, mild winters, south exposition, low level of rainfalls, clay-limestone soils
* Modern equipment

The Equipment

* 107 tanks of 103 hl
* tanks of 500 hl
* pneumatic press machines
* 2 sorting tables and 2 crusher
* 1800 barrels end of December?
* 1 bottling lines of 5000bottles/hour
* 2 Clark chariots
* 5 tractors Lamborghini
* 4 spraying machines
* irrigation facility


* DRUJBA: bottles, Bulgaria
* TRESCASSES: Corks, France
* TITAN Machinery: Vineyard and tractors equipment, USA
* TONNELLERIE BOUTES: barrels, France
* TONNELLERIE SAURY: barrels, France
* MARTIN VIALLATTE: Oenological products, France
* RAMONDIN: Capsules, С
* DARS 91: labels


* Grapes are hand-picked and sorted by hand afterwards
* Alcoholic fermentation and maceration take place in temperature-controlled concrete vats for about 30 days
* 9 to 16 months in the barrel cellar with constant temperature, maintained naturally


* The barrel cellar, which capacity is up to 2,500 French oak barrels is located under the hill, which helps to maintain a natural and constant temperature
* The winery has its own bottling line
* Capacity of 800,000 bottles per year

The Wines

* Only produced from grapes, grown on the vineyards
* Blends of several varieties, carefully chosen for each vintage



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