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Stobi Winery – Wines which Arouse Passion for Life

The total annual capacity of the winery is 4.500.000 liters

Stobi winery is located in the heart of Macedonia, in the Tikves (Tick-Vesh) wine region, the most famous wine region of our country. The region stretches along the same latitude as the Bordeaux region and the Nappa valley.

Our Story

Wine is both the extract and essence of the grape, whereas the grape is the essence extracted from the land from which it grows. This essence unites the elements of the nature with the power, wisdom and spirit of the people of the land. The vineyards where our grapes grow and the wine cellars where our wine matures are surrounded by the remnants of Stobi, the biggest city from the antique period in this part of Macedonia.

The plots of land planted with our vines have been home to ancient shrines, thus often the roots which are spreading their tendrils to find water, reach the layers under which the Ancient buildings are slumbering in their eternal resting place.

The tendrils of the vine, nested within the paved walkways of the underground streets and squares, the mosaics of the forgotten places and the ancient temples, imbibe from them the succor of the eras gone by and instill them into the unforgettable aroma of the grapes. The color and taste of our wines don’t just mirror the exceptional Macedonian soil and it’s sunny skies, but also all the human, historical and spiritual force of its people which they have been investing in their vineyards and wines for millennia.

Imagine a place on earth where magical splendor comes from the embraces of the richest and most beautiful rivers and the hot kisses of the sunniest days.

The passion of Stobi wines is born there.

Exactly those few additional sunny weeks that our grapes get, are a small piece of perfection which is needed to create unique masterpieces like the Stobi wines.

The other magic ingredient is the water from Vardar and Crna that carry benefits directly from the cleanest and highest mountain regions to our soil. They collide in a passionate blend right here, in Stobi, and offer all the fortune to the place they had met.

The region

Stobi winery is located in the heart of Macedonia, in the Tikves (Tick-Vesh) wine region, the most famous wine region of our country. The region stretches along the same latitude as the Bordeaux region and the Nappa valley. This region covers an area of 10.000 HA, and having surface of 1600km2, Tikves represents about 1/3 of the total grape growing area of Macedonia.

As the Mediterranean climate from the south collides with the Continental climate from the north, it creates an area most remarkable for grape growing and wine production on the entire Balkan Peninsula.

The distinctiveness of the terroir with all of its natural features and benefits are significant prerequisites for the cultivation of high quality wines. Therefore, we chose the region of Gradsko and the ancient city Stobi, as a place where we cultivate and mature the passion in order to offer it to you in the purest form.

Here we placed our winery, and only here we cultivate all of our vineyards.

The region  - Rich selection of grape varieties

The average sum of active temperatures in the region during vegetation is 4284oC and the average rainfall per year 483 mm. During July and August the maximal daily temperature is around 40 C̊ .

With a deep plowing layer, the rich soils provide the grapes with a constant supply of water. Gentle north winds are a natural protection from diseases. As a result of a harmonious climactic and geographic convergence, the Tikveš region is a perfect place for the cultivation of the people’s favorite, wine.

There are predominantly 20 different grape varieties grown in the Tikveš region, traditional such as Vranec, Kadarka, Kratoshija, Stanushina, Zilavka, Zupljanka, Smederevka, Temjanika, Plavec.

As wine consumers' preferences change globally, the region is keeping pace with current trends and is adjusting its international wine varieties accordingly.

The best grapes deserves only the best.

Only with combination of knowledge, experience transmitted through generations, modern technology and lots of love and passion the best and tastiest wine can be created, wine which arouses passion for life.

The wisdom and experience of the first inhabitants transferred from time immemorial until today are reflected in perfect harmony with the modern technology and the knowledge.

Our winery

Young in years, experienced in knowledge. Stobi winery is the newest and most modernly designed Macedonian winery, located in the municipality of Gradsko, next to the ancient site Stobi, where it gets its name from.

Stobi Winery is the latest investment within the agro-industrial complex Permindeks.
Our aim is sole and not modest at all - we are committed to creating wines of superb and impeccable quality. Wines that are unique enough to satisfy the most selective tastes, and so simple for anyone to desire them. Therefore, we provide the best conditions for achieving that goal.

Because the process of winemaking is a complex and a sensitive one that does not tolerate even the slightest mistake, we work according to most contemporary standards. Starting from the cultivation and maintenance of the vineyards, through the distribution of grapes to the winery, until the final process of manufacturing and filling, we apply the latest technological advancements in the overall process and all the steps of production.

Our winery – Best care for the best vines

The total annual capacity of our winery is 4.500.000 liters. The production is exclusively based on our own vineyards, which are covering about 600 HA in total, with traditional varieties of grapes, as well as internationally recognized varieties. We are constantly investing in planting of new vineyards. For the last couple of years we have planted rootstocks coming from diverse world-known producers. Some of the varieties that we cultivate are Chardonnay, Muscat Ottonel, Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Merlot, Petit Verdot, Shiraz (Syrah), Zilavka, Zupljanka, Vranec, Rkaciteli, Rhine Riesling, Italian Riesling, Pinot Noir and others.

In order to maintain and preserve the quality of the grapes, we nurture it with the most modern methods in agriculture and we strictly control the fertility and the yield. We cut out every vine correctly and accurately to match the growth and maturation. During the maturation of the vines, we monitor the growth of all bunches, because we know that every grain of grape is important for the uniqueness and the splendor of the taste of the Stobi wines. Then, only the best grapes from the plantations, through a process of perfectly controlled system, in the peak of its maturity, arrive in the most modern winery in the country and beyond. This contributes for Stobi winery to produce wines that are clean and noncontaminated concerning pesticides, heavy metals, residues and contaminants. The use of SO2 is 30 to 50% lower compared to the average. Therefore, the pleasure in these wines does not cause any headaches, but just pleasant bliss.

Our winery - Premium wines for truthful consumers

The winery is equipped with state-of-the-art systems, and an unrivaled extraction system which helps to ensure that we preserve much more efficiently and effectively than the others the utmost and constant quality of our grapes, and later our wines.
All the technology installed originates from prominent producers from Italy and Germany including equipment from companies such as Gimar Tecno, Siprem, Gortani, Dalla Torre Impianti, Pall Filtration Systems, and Krones Ag.

The winery’s bottling line (produced by Krones ag.) has the capacity of 5.000 bottles per hour and can deliver five different bottle formats (1L stelvin,1L cork, 0,750L, 0,5L, and 0,187L packagings).

High quality wines whose quality will never surprise you emerge from our winery. But, what will always surprise you is its realistic price available for everyone. This is because of our philosophy that everyone should have the opportunity to enjoy premium wine. For us there are no cheap and expensive wines, there are only premium wines which are for truthful consumers. In the nearest store or at your favorite restaurant, the unique Stobi wines are always at your hand.

Sitting between the everlasting sunlight and endless vineyards, there lies hidden the best kept
secret of winemaking in the Tikvesh region – Stobi Winery.

Only 80 km south from the Skopje, this is a place that links the Mediterranean to the continental Balkan hinterlands, shrouded by the mythical rivers of Axios and Erigon, along which countless Roman legions, Crusading cavalries, Ottoman conquerors and World War armies had marched.

Today, this region represents the midpoint where the Old and the New World of wine meet.

The new Macedonian wine story begins right here, before the gates of Stobi Winery.
Enter the world of Hermes, the Grand Master of wine, and inhale deeply the magical fragrance of aging wine, while hearing the secret whispers of the Stobi peacock hidden between the endless labyrinths of oak barrels.

Become a part of the world of modern wine tourism!

Don’t accept anything less than perfection!

Our winery – Unique place for wine tourism

Stobi Winery is a proud witness to the ever-evolving wine traditions in these regions – ranging from the wine vessel, kantharos, relished by the highborn in Stobi, to the wineskins used to transport this key product to the ancient metropolises, all the way to the cutting edge stainless steel tanks and sophisticated oak barrels where wine is produced and aged nowadays.
Located in an ultra-modern, urban building, reminiscent of the architectural wonders of Le Corbusier, Stobi Winery opens its doors for all the visitors willing to dive into the vast history of this region, its customs of wine producing, as well as the multitude of ways it can be consumed and combined with gourmet food.

The winery offers a wonderful experience for its guests in an unforgettable surrounding in the
restaurant and the most unique wine-tasting center, located right next to the production capacities. The wine-tasting center, which is a part of the barrique department, stands proudly in front of the challenges of the most eminent wineries in Europe. The center enables development of the wine tourism in Macedonia and portrays the uniqueness of the region to the tourists, and the taste of the exceptionally delicious Macedonian cuisine and wine.
The barrique department, which covers an area of 700m2 has a capacity of 300,000 Liters, from which 70% in big oval casks and 30% in small barrels of 225L, all made of different types of oak of highest quality.

Our winery – Epicurean paradise

There is no better way to get to know the wine and history of this region than by being part of Stobi’s wine tours!

This idea of getting acquainted with the wine and food on offer from this region is a novel tourism product, previously available only abroad, from the Napa Valley in California, to Mendoza in Argentina, to Bordeaux in France. Yet, now you have an exclusive opportunity to enjoy them in the heart of Stobi.

Let our expert guides introduce you to the basics of wine technology, as well as the vine growing and wine drinking tradition from this area. Find out more about the local wine culture while enjoying the culinary masterpieces of our chefs, always ready to surprise you with traditional Macedonian delicacies or specials from the international cuisine, and then leave Stobi richer for the epicurean experience.


Our winery – Choose a guided wine tour

The wine tour offers include the following:
Stobi Wine Tour - Tour the Winery with an expert guide, taste our finest wines and appetizers, including an assortment of traditional Galichnik cheese and smoked meat.

Duration: 90 min Stobi Wine & Dine Tour - Tour the Winery with an expert guide, taste our finest wines and appetizers, including an assortment of traditional Galichnik cheese and smoked meat; then enjoy a homemade pie with piquant sauces, a fresh salad, a scrumptious entrйe and a delicious desert.

Duration: 120 min Stobi Culture Tour - Walk around the ruins in the ancient Roman city of Stobi accompanied by a local guide, tour the Winery with an expert guide, taste our finest wines and appetizers, including an assortment of traditional Galichnik cheese and smoked meat and/or lunch.

Duration: 240 min Wine Day - Learn more about wine in the charming Museum of Wine, walk around the ruins in the ancient Roman city of Stobi accompanied by a local guide, see firsthand the rolling hills with neverending vineyards, tour the Winery with an expert guide, taste our finest wines and appetizers, including an assortment of traditional Galichnik cheese and smoked meat and lunch.

Duration: 480 min

Our winery – In the world of wine and culinary magic

Luxuriant and stylish, the restaurant at Stobi Winery is destined to become the center of gastronomic culture in this wine region. Our chefs blend their knowledge acquired in elite facilities abroad with making traditional dishes specific to this area. When combined with Stobi wines, the food creates a symphony of tastes and scents exclusively available at this place.

House specialties include white and yellow Galichnik cheese, made from traditional recipes carried on from one generation of shepherd to another, and painstakingly preserved by Mandra Galichnik. In that sense, the roast lamb available at this restaurant is by far one of the finest delicacies you will ever get a chance to taste. Homemade pies and traditional sauces will take you to a world of culinary magic and the subtlest scents from your childhood.

From Shopska to Caesar salad, from frutti di mare to beef steak porcini, from traditional Macedonian sweets to the best chocolate soufflй in Macedonia, come to enjoy the most refined combinations of food and wine at Stobi!

The restaurant is open daily from 10 am to 6 pm, or at other convenient times with prior notice or reservation.

Our winery – Be our business partners

Use the ideal conditions offered by Stobi Winery to organize your next business event! As wine gradually becomes an integral part of corporate surroundings, it can also build a bridge of trust and mutual accomplishment in a relaxed and entertaining atmosphere.

Corporate tours can be organized within a specific business event or independently. Regardless if it is an informal gathering, team building, internal seminar or a meeting of the board of directors, the following facilities offer an optimal mix of productivity and pleasure: VIP Hall –75 guests max capacity; Wine Archive –60 guests max capacity; Restaurant – 120 guests max capacity; Barrique Cellar –200 guests max capacity. Moreover, additional offices, small meeting rooms, courtyard, wireless internet coverage, parking lot etc are available at your disposal.

Stobi Winery is a perfect backdrop for organizing all kinds of events. The welcoming atmosphere as well as the excellent cuisine and wine will make each occasion memorable. From official receptions and family celebrations, to an open sky concert or a relaxed picnic, indulge yourselves in a few hours of joy with your friends and family. The Stobi Winery team stands at your disposal to help you organize these events, with numerous suggestions for the type of menu and appropriate wine selection which could fit your time and budget.

(The wines of the Macedonian Stobi Winery are imported to Bulgaria by Eurotim Ltd., which is Stobi's Bulgarian partner.)

Eurotim Ltd.
1336 Sofia, Bulgaria
11, Andrei Germanov str.
phone: +359 2 984 51 07
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